Never use WordPress!

Never use WordPress!

Now we'll tell you what WordPress is and why you should not use it in the development, but for now let's get to know some basic concepts:

Framework is an infrastructure of software solutions that facilitates the development of complex systems. It is the basis for constructing complex solutions.

CMS (Content Management System) is a free software for site development. CMS includes systems like WordPress, Joomla, etc.

Why not use WordPress?

First we'll see what WordPress is like. WordPress is a simple open source content management system that is used for web development sites, in the programmer's circles, CMS (content management system for Internet resources). A feature of this system is the ability to create any web projects thanks to its built-in library of themes and plugins.

The benefits of WordPress include:

1. free of charge;
2. ease of use;
3. A wide selection of themes and plugins;
4. Availability.

Absolutely all CMS work on a single principle - a combination of the basis and plug-ins. And, despite the above benefits, there are a number of major weaknesses like WordPress and any similar CMS.

Despite the wide range of template foundations, any of them is still the simplest banal site with non-genuine design. In short, the different sites made on WordPress will look like two drops of water.
Moreover, the design for a particular site is still to be developed! By creating a website on WordPress, you will receive only the design basis: where the block is located, where the logo is placed, where the "Call" button will be.
Already to the created basis, it will be necessary to add plugins (site functionality) that will perform specific functions.

To summarize the above, we want to show you three variants of event development if you still decide to use WordPress to develop a corporate site.

1. Loaded from the official site base in conjunction with manual writing of themes and plugins.
2. Downloaded from the official site the basis and download and installation of paid plugins, which created an unknown specialist and now sells or massively distributes them for free.
3. Purchase a finished site, the developer who sells it massively.

What result will you get?

1. The site will work a month or two, it can easily be hacked, because it's done through free plugins.
2. The site will work, but in it will continue to sit a "spy" who will copy the information, collect data and so on.

Why do we recommend using a framework to develop it?

As you already know, the framework is the basis for building complex systems. Only the basis, not the ready option! Therefore, in order to get a modern unique site, it is necessary to develop it independently, instead of using ready-made templates.

What are the benefits of the framework?

1. An authoritative site is flexible and performs tasks whose execution is directly required by the company. While writing unique functions for solving specific problems, the expert saves a lot of time, which he subsequently uses for the benefit of the site for the customer, and not to "fit" the existing plug-ins under the tasks.
2. For designing the interface, a unique design, developed in the corporate style of the company for specific purposes, is used instead of ready-made faceless templates.
3. The script site works faster, better performs the tasks, and is better optimized!

Have your thoughts on developing a site on WordPress?

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