What is SEO and what does it eat?

Does your company have a high-quality, presentable website, and no customers? We know what the problem is! A good "visual" site - this is a drop in the sea of various pieces that work on the task of "bringing the client". And what about the optimization of the site? So let's see, and the link is not clickable, and the text is not unique, and the image of the top ten images on Google ...
Familiar problem? We will solve it! Read this material and you will understand what you did wrong.

What is SEO?

Let's understand! SEO (Search engine optimization) is a process of correction of HTML code, text, photo and video filling of a site, control of external elements taking into account algorithms of work of search engines. The main purpose of SEO is to bring the site to the top of the search queries.

Why does my company need SEO?

First, to increase revenues. A person in search of a product or service looks at 5-10 sites as much as possible, and in 99% of cases finds what he was looking for. As a rule, nobody flies on the first page in search engines. And our task is to make your company get on this first page.

Secondly, to gain trust and authority. Sites that are in the TOP-10 cause more trust from the buyer, because one can not deceive the one who is so popular.
Third, for a convenient and balanced inside site. A properly designed site is capable of working on results and without additional intervention. All buttons must clearly fulfill their purpose, the texts should be so professionally written that there is no doubt in the audience that you need to purchase it.
Here is a seo site optimization for this.

If you own a site, you have two options to hit the top:

1. SEO site optimization;
2. Internet marketing, namely - the purchase of advertising in search engines, promotion in search engines.

What you need SEO optimization, you already know.And what is internet marketing and promotion in the search engines? Let's explain the simple example.

Let's imagine the situation!

Yesterday you searched Google for a leather bag.Viewed a number of websites, you have postponed a purchase, say, to a salary.The next day, browsing social networks, websites, you notice each time that the ads on these sites concern bags, wallets, clutch.This is called Contextual Advertising (by the way, this service is also available from Light Lines Media Group) - one of the promotion methods.

A similar kind of advertising exists, directly and in search engines.It is also based on the interest of people, but this advertisement should only be issued after a person has "cheated" a certain keyword.This ad is placed at the top of the page with search results, as a rule, it is labeled with "ad".

Both the one and the other methods help the site to rise to the top on search queries.

They perfectly complement each other.Therefore, our experts recommend using both of them to achieve the result.

What stages of SEO exist and how long does the work go?

The initial optimization of the site continues throughout the entire development cycle of the web resource from the layout to the publication of the site.However, seo optimization never stops. In order to maintain and improve the results of SEO, a specialist from Light Lines Media Group in Lviv recommends that you regularly publish thematic SEO optimized materials on a site with a periodicity of at least 1 material per week.Our staff copywriter is involved in the preparation of these materials.

First and analysis of the market and competitors is one of the most important stages.
Second Stage - SEO site audit.During this step occurs:

1. Link analysis
2. Content analysis
3. Analysis of site structure and pages
4. Keyword Analysis
5. Code Analysis

The third step is the development of an SEO promotion strategy, the formation of a semantic core. Stage Four - Solving technical moments (optimizing download speeds, finding and fixing errors.

Fifth Stage is the most creative one. At this stage, the TOR (technical assignment) is being prepared for copywriters, content optimization takes place, content is filled up. Step Six - Work on usability.

And last, seventh step - external site optimization.Without this, the internal optimization of the site has no meaning.

What are the expected results from SEO and promotion in search engines?

1. The site will be in TOP-10! And this is already a lot.Regular traffic and organic flow of the audience are guaranteed.
2. Paid advertising will "lead" to the site the target audience, and hence clients.
3. The site will be able to organically walk around, without any outside intervention.
Well, convincingly!

Want to order SEO optimization and promotion of your site? Contact us. Our IT company Light Lines Media Group works in Lviv, Kiev and other regions of Ukraine.
We are here for your success!

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