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Automation of production and business processes has long been a novelty. Famous companies have long switched to robotic technology, which works without a direct human impact. Light Lines Media Group provides services to create systems for automating production and business processes.

Management of production processes is carried out without the participation of a person, but only under its control. We are developing ERP and CRM systems.



ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) - a system that allows you to conduct internal planning of enterprise resources. With the help of ERP systems to manage financial, personnel, operations (logistics, production, etc.).

The main advantage of the ERP system is to combine in one system all the functions that are currently in your company performed by several specialists or several disparate programs.
Who needs an ERP system? Large companies, holdings, banks, insurance companies and others.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are designed to manage relationships with customers (customers). The automated system helps to increase sales, optimize marketing, find points of interaction with potential and regular customers by storing information about their order, interest, etc.

The CRM system combines three approaches, but each of them can be implemented separately: operational (automation of consumer business processes), analytical (analysis and grouping of customer information), collaborative (working with clients without staffing).


Why do you need automation?

Modern business or production activities require the fulfillment of the maximum number of tasks for the minimum time and cost of resources. This becomes possible only when automation of production and business processes is used.

First of all, automated processes contribute to reducing the burden on employees. Performing work operations and tasks requires constant attention. Specialized systems are doing it much faster and better, avoiding mistakes due to the human factor.
Secondly, automated systems can perform financial, analytical, collaborative, planning functions, as well as automatically generate orders, check availability of goods, manage mailings, and more. Process automation helps to reduce the cost of work for employees, the use of third-party services for work.

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